Troubleshooting Tools for COnnected Devices

Avoid Device Returns

Billions are wasted every year on unnecessary device returns. Reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction by deploying our highly effective self-serve, call-center and in-store solutions

Reduce Support Calls

Empower users to solve problems themselves. Our tools can identify and fix problems due to bad settings, battery draining apps, home network problems and much more

Optimize In-Store Support

Our tools help in-store staff resolve issues more efficiently, leading to reduced congestion at busy times and happier customers

How We Are Different


Guided help for call-center operators, in-store staff and end users. Allows them to find the best solution, quickly

Easy to Customize

Add or configure troubleshooting steps, without complex coding. Extensive options for deep customization

Low Cost of Deployment

Our call-center solution runs in operator’s web browser - no need to install apps or browser plugins on every PC

Customization Services

We pride ourselves in delivering custom deployments for our clients. We can integrate with existing service desk and chat systems, rebrand our products, deliver customized workflows and more


Security is at the core of FixGenius. Our solution shields user data and allows fine-grained control over device access

Background Troubleshooting

Identify intermittent problems with mobile network coverage, Wi-Fi signal, broadband speed and more. Automatically recommend appropriate solutions

About Us

The FixGenius team is based in Cambridge, UK. We have licensed software to the world’s leading device manufacturers. Our products are used in hundreds of stores and millions of homes worldwide.

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Our Solution

Self-Service & In-Store

Identify problems automatically. Fix many issues with a single tap. Handover to the call center if required. Easy to rebrand and customize


Allow the call-center operator to connect to the device over the internet. Runs in the operator's browser. Shields personal data. Assists the operator with many common tasks

Reporting & Analytics

Track issues through the self-service app, in-store and the call-center. Identify problematic devices and firmware versions. Optimize issue handling and integrate with service-desk solutions

Fix Common Issues

Battery Drain

Identify apps or usage patterns that may be draining the battery. Recommend appropriate accessories if the power drain is caused by heavy usage

Mobile Network

Fix mobile network settings, check signal strength and suggest workarounds in low-signal situations, for example enabling Wi-Fi calling

Running Slowly

Identify the underlying cause of a slow device, for example background apps or low memory


Identify and fix common audio problems due to connected Bluetooth devices, audio settings and more

Wi-Fi and Home Network

Identify the root cause of many home network issues. Our solution can identify issues with broadband connectivity, network settings and signal strength


Troubleshoot many other areas including screen settings, Bluetooth, location, accounts, security permissions and much more

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We’re based in Cambridge, UK, less than sixty miles from London. Thanks to Cambridge University and the Cambridge Science Park, the city and surrounding area is internationally renowned for innovation and excellence. We bring these qualities to mobile device troubleshooting, and our growing list of high-profile clients believe we do too.